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Will my scanner be supported?
The library will support any TWAIN compatible scanner. The library is built upon the TWAIN 1.9 standard which is also compatible with newer TWAIN 2.3 scanners. So as long as your scanning device is TWAIN certified or compatible, you should be able to utilize our library fully.
What are limitations of the DEMO version?
The demo version of the library comes with full functionality the only limitation placed on the users is a DEMO watermark appearing on every scanned page. So you can start implementing the library in your app and see how it will work. Once you are satisfied with the results you just purchase a license and the watermark gets removed.
What programming languages are supported?
The library is fully implemented in C# .NET so any programming language running on the .NET VM will work properly with the library.
I can not find the x64 version of the library?
We currently have no support for TWAIN x64. Please note that there is only a few scanner which comes with 64-bit drivers. So in most cases running a TWAIN library in 64-bit mode would cause you not to see any of your TWAIN devices.
In what formats can I save my scanned documents?
Currently, you can save your scanned documents in two ways. One way is to save it to a multi-page format where all scanned pages will be saved inside a single file. The formats supported for multipage saving are: - TIFF - PDF The other way would be to save each scanned document into a separate file. The supported file formats are: - BMP - TIFF - JPEG - PNG

Reference Documentation

The reference documentation contains all classes, methods, and properties offered through our library. In case you are looking for a tutorial, please download our Quick Start Guide.

Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide gives a quick overview of the library and helpful tutorials to get you started right away.

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